A Golden RocksBox

My first RocksBox!! I was unbelievably excited about getting this in the mail. I love mail. I also love jewelry, but it isn't something I typically buy or shop for on a regular basis. I realized after looking through my wardrobe, that I could use a few layering basics. If you aren't familiar with RocksBox, it is a subscription based jewelry service. For $19 a month, you receive 3 pieces of jewelry that you can wear for as long as you'd like. Once you're done, send them back for another 3 pieces. You also have the option to purchase any (or all!) of the items in your box at an exclusive insiders price. On top of the discounted price, you receive $10 worth of "Shine Spend" to put towards any pieces that you love in that month's box. Below is the oh-so-pretty, personalized packaging. Save the envelope!  The box arrives in a prepaid, resealable, plastic envelope to ship back for your next pieces. Unbelievably easy.

Now you may be asking how do they know my taste or style? RocksBox sets you up with a personal stylist who will hand select 3 items for you per month. Prior to your first box, you have the opportunity to fill out a style profile (gold or silver? etc.) then create a wishlist. Your stylist will base his/her style selections off your answers and may possibly even add in a wishlist piece! My favorite thing to do is to browse on their website to see their pieces then like any pieces to update my stylist. After each subscription arrives, you have the opportunity to log on and rate each piece and give comments to your stylist for future boxes. From what I can tell so far - I may become slightly addicted to RocksBox, simply for the surprise of it all! It is such a fun way to either rotate your jewelry selection, borrow pieces for a special occasion or add some funky designer pieces to your wardrobe at a discounted price. Here is what arrived in my first RocksBox! Keep in mind, I asked for gold only and my wishlist was mainly delicate pieces, as that is what I'm looking to add to my collection at the moment.


Bali Diamond Studs / $38

These were my least favorite out of the box, but my stylist still nailed the concept of what I was looking for. Gold, delicate and a little bit edgy, I can see these working for everyday but just not for me. I usually love Gorjana pieces, but I found the price a bit high for the quality of these particular earrings. The insiders price in this instance ended up being $10 off the retail price.


a.v. max

Caged Ring / $36

This piece was on my wishlist and I love it!  It would look great layered with other gold rings, midi and thin. It seems like really great quality. For a basic staple that I can wear with a lot of outfits, this one may be a keeper!  I've already gotten a lot of wear out of it. The discounted price was $9 off retail this time.


Sophie Harper

Pave Pendant Necklace / $36

This necklace is amazing! I love it. I couldn't get a great photo of it alone, but it is such a great dressy piece. I would wear with it with a plunging neckline or layered over a turtleneck. It is long, delicate and beautiful. Unfortunately, I have a similar piece already in my wardrobe. I will most likely send it back to save my money for a more unique piece to add to my closet. This piece is also $9 off the retail price.

Although my first RocksBox pieces aren't exactly what you'd call unique, it is exactly what I asked for. Gold, delicate, basics with a slight edge. I am super happy with my stylist's picks, but I think I am going to add some edgier, colored, statement pieces to my wishlist so my next box will be a bit funkier! That's the fun of the service! I'm excited to switch it up and test out some new styles. RocksBox was super kind to send me this box and also give my readers a chance to try it out too! Use the code: marissagracexoxo and get your first month FREE!! Yay! Let me know what you think of RocksBox in the comments below!


For a free month, use the promo code: marissagracexoxo

xo, M