The Secret's Out

If you've ever been to jmCurley in the Downtown Crossing area of Boston, you know they are serving up some real good food and carefully handcrafted cocktails. jmCurley remains one of my favorite neighborhood spots because of their junk-food inspired yet classy menu. Completely cool yet not pretentious or over-the-top, it seems like a tough combo to pull off but the folks at jmCurley know exactly what they are doing and they do it incredibly well. They also have another hidden gem inside the restaurant that some may not know about, but seems the word is spreading. Wandering around the tiny quarters of the restaurant, you'll notice an "Adult's Only" sign with a draping velvet curtain behind. Anyone ever wonder what's behind that? Unless you accidentally stumble in or hear via the grapevine, you would never know what lies behind. It doesn't remain too much of a hidden gem to some, word has spread a bit, but it still heirs on the exclusive side. It's been around a little over two years and it has strictly relied on its successful word-of-mouth marketing ploy. It is an essentially private experience that you'll have to venture in to discover for yourself. On the entry sign, they say no cell phones. Rightfully so, because photographing seemed it would give away too much of the precious backroom's charm. With a fancy, not stuffy, 1920's feel, it features a fabulous selection of jazz records, red studded booths and one incredibly knowledgeable server to take over every detail of your night. You will be completely tended to, but not overly so. It's reservations only for this under 20 seat dining room, which boasts it's exclusivity and adds to its mysterious mystique. Welcome to Bogie's Place. It's a steakhouse. A really, really, really damn good steakhouse at that. More than just steaks though, it showcases a fancy cocktail menu (bone marrow infused scotch anyone?), superb wine list and an unbelievably tasty, albeit very tiny, menu all around.

Starting with the drinks, we recieved a Pimm's Cup (not on the menu, but our server/bartender was more than happy to make one) and the 21 Temple Gin & Tonic. The 21 Temple Gin & Tonic is no standard gin & tonic, and I wouldn't expect it to be. It's so perfectly refreshing and goes down so smooth. The addition of yellow chartreuse gives it the perfect herbal note and brings some brightness to a regularly boring drink. That along side some good gin, a housemade tonic and a fresh thick sliced cucumber, you really can't go wrong with their upgraded version of a gin & tonic. Since trying this, I found myself wanting to evoke that tonic - it really makes all the difference! Q Tonic water is a good alternative to making it yourself, I haven't tried making it yet though.

Below are photos of the meal...

Smashed potatoes. Dry-aged steaks. Blue Cheese Butter. I will leave that here. 

xo, m


Neighborhood: Downtown Crossing
$$$ (25-50)