Oh, Flour Bakery...

The routine. Since I work somewhat close by to one of their 4 cafe locations, I stop in quite a bit. Typically I say to myself, "I'm just going in for my black iced coffee", but that never ends up being the case. The immediate smell of bacon and fresh bread will hit you once you walk through the door. Just about every time I end up getting a pastry, sandwich or snack of some kind. It's too difficult not to. The options and flavors vary day to day, but some of their famous pastries stay the same (Pecan Sticky Buns anyone?)  

(1) The best blueberry muffin ever.
(2) The fluffiest brioche au sucre.
(3) I swear you'll never eat another Kellogg's Pop Tart after this 10,000 layer, flaky, sweet deliciousness. Inside: fresh raspberry.
(4) The breakfast pizza was super cheesy without being overwhelming. They topped it with crispy ham, hard boiled egg and pesto, but it rotates based on fresh ingredients. Make sure you have them warm it up for you since it is in the pastry case.

Sandwiches. Where do I begin? The house-made bread? The bacon? The breakfast sandwich is on their brioche (drool) with mustard, scrambled egg, apple-wood smoked bacon, arugula & tomato. Sometimes I feel that the egg ratio is a bit off but the sandwich is just too good that I don't even mind. As for their BLT's, I think it is in the running for the best I've ever had. The mayo is just right, I love the arugula for a bit of a peppery flavor and the tomatoes are roasted to perfection and melt in your mouth. Of course you can't beat their bread - you have the option of white or wheat which they sometimes forget to ask. They offer house-made gluten-free bread as an option as well. I have not personally tried it but it seems to sell out very quickly.  I also recommend any of the other sandwiches on the board (grilled chicken, roast beef, roasted lamb...)  Seriously. So. Good.


If you find yourself in the Boston or Cambridge area, this is a must stop.

xo, M


Fort Point, Back Bay, Central Square, South End
$-$$ (under 10, 10-25)