Young Living Oils: Aria Starter Kit

You guys, the obsession is real! I’ve always wanted to dive deeper and learn more about the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils. Ever since getting my starter kit from Young Living, I’ve been having so much fun reading & experimenting! I’ve been coming up with new recipes, testing blends and even replacing some beauty products which I’ll show you on the blog and insta! The possibilities are endless. I wanted to show you what comes in the starter kits you can purchase. There are many options -- the one I am going to show here is the Aria Starter Kit. Aria is the name of the beautiful diffuser that comes with this set! There are other less expensive diffuser options too, which are just as great! This kit is the perfect intro to oils.


The oils that come in the kit are: 

ESSENTIAL OILS (VITALITY): Lemon, Copiaba, Digize, Thieves, Peppermint


ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS: Stress Away, Purification, Panaway, R.C.

I’ll go into a little more detail on the suggested uses of these oils below!  The difference between the vitality oils and regular essential oils is that the vitality oils can be ingested as well, but they are the same exact oil.

Lemon: I like to use lemon in my diffuser, it helps with mental clarity and mood. It can also be used for cleaning purposes, or ingested. Recommended in a glass of water.

Copiaba: good for immune support. I put this in a blend with Panaway, Peppermint and Coconut Oil to soothe muscles & help with skin healing.

Digize: helps with digestion. It is a blend that contains ginger, peppermint + tarragon, among others. You can use topically or ingest.

Thieves: Perfect for this time of year - it promotes wellness, relieves head tension and supports the immune system. Also used in cleaning supplies to eliminate germs!

Peppermint: alone or blended this helps with head tension, motion sickness, nausea and congestion.

Panaway: helps with occasional pains and aches. See Copaiba above, works great in a blend for muscle relief. I like it with coconut oil as a carrier.

R.C: another great blend, helps to relax and open up respiratory channels.

Purification: so many uses! I mainly use this one in my diffuser to help clear the air, neutralize odors. You can also use a drop in your laundry to freshen it.

Frankencense: helps with mood and sleep! I like blending with lavender for nighttime.

Lavender: promotes relaxation and sleep! You can also add to Epsom salts and use in the bath, or put a drop in your conditioner to help promote hair growth.

Keep your eyes on the insta and blog because I will be sharing some of my fave ways to blend these oils!

Also in the kit, you will receive a book of information on all Young Living products (cleaning supplies, oils, vitamins, makeup etc!), some sample bottles to spread the word to friends and family, some sample oil packets to hand out + a rollerball topper that you can place on top of any of their essential oils to make a travel roller! It also includes two samples of NingXia Red. If you purchase a starter kit, you also receive wholesale pricing (24% off all products!) Find out how you can get started here or reach out to me directly with any ?s!

Happy Oiling!

xo, m