The Best Taco Joint; Green Bay, WI

Wisconsin. I love you. You are so much more than beautiful corn fields, cheese, and football. Here in a growing little town of Green Bay is a small, bright and fun mexican restaurant called Vintage Cantina.

Started with a delicious coconut margarita. Made with fresh squeezed juices, coconut meat & RumHaven, this was off to a fantastic start. Now I have high standards for margaritas after this one, even if it wasn't a traditional tequila base. They also had a great local beer selection. I got to sample Perky Porter by Stillmank Brewing - it was great!

Next up - street corn. Or, "Vintage Corn" as I should say. Anytime it's on a menu and I'm there, it's ordered. Ok - I admit it doesn't photograph super well here, but this was outstanding. Typically, street corn comes on the cob rolled in all the deliciousness, but this was off the cob and mixed, then served an adorable glass dish. Topped with miso butter & ancho chile powder, this one had a sweet & spicy twist. So. Good.


Now what we are here for - tacos. Tacos are my favorite food - hands down. I love when I find a place that serves up a unique twist on my favorite. No basic tacos here! We each ordered 2-3 tacos - not small portions, not large either. 2-3 was a good ballpark per person. Among the tacos we ordered - shrimp po' boy, carnitas, BBLT, Baja and of course my favorite -- the WTF taco. Whatever the chef feels like that day, is what they serve. This day was a brat taco, with housemade spicy mustard. How Wisconsin!

I ordered a Carnitas & BBLT taco. The Carnitas taco offered a fun twist by adding pickled peaches & my fave - cotija cheese. The pork was tender and flavorful. The second taco, the BBLT, was crispy pork belly (another thing I can't resist!) This was also really flavorful and I loved the contrast with the roasted brussels sprout slaw & house lemon crema.

Is it taco Tuesday yet?!

xo, M

Vintage Cantina

119 S. Washington St. Green Bay, WI  54303
$ (under 10)