Matcha Smoothie

Hi guys! This morning I posted the ingredients to my matcha smoothie on Instagram and I got a few people asking about it! I have fallen in love with matcha. I used to be a huge coffee drinker, but I made a goal to cut back consumption + save a little money. I still drink it on occasion, because I love the taste of coffee (I drink it black) and I can't get enough coffee shop vibes! But I picked up the Breville Milk Frother and started experimenting with matcha and I haven't looked back!

Matcha is a Japanese green tea powder that has so many amazing health benefits. It's full of antioxidants + contains chlorophyll (superfood!) known to help fight cancer and improve liver detoxification. I also added Vital Proteins Collagen for an extra boost for my hair, skin and nails (I put this in my coffee too if I don't make matcha, because it dissolves and is flavorless!) The chia seeds make this a filling morning treat with lots of fiber + greens, banana and protein powder! A tasty & good for you smoothie! Side note: Vital Proteins makes a Matcha Collagen blend -- I can't wait to try it!! 

Here is the recipe!


xo, M

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