DIY: Yoga Mat Cleaner

Essential oils are becoming such a staple in my life now! My favorite way to use them is diffuse them, but I'm beginning to purchase less products and make more of my own! This is a great yoga mat cleaner & it's super simple to make. I rely strictly on Young Living Oils because of their seed to seal promise. Another blog post on that later. If you aren't using Young Living, I'd recommend doing some research on the quality/ingredients of the oils you'll use. Here is what you'll need! 

Yoga Mat Cleaner.jpg

And that's it! If you can find a glass spray bottle, that would be best -- that way the essential oils don't eat away at the plastic. Sometimes I add 1 drop of Young Living Thieves Oil (goes a long way!) if I have time to allow the mat to dry. You can also try swapping in Lemongrass Essential Oil too since it has antibacterial properties! Spray on mat and wipe down with a washcloth. 

Enjoy your fresh, clean mat!

xo, m

Any questions on how to get started with Young Living Oils, please reach out to me! :)