Tried and True: Fave Yoga Products

Long story short (which will be a separate blog post) I used to dislike yoga. I tried many styles, including Bikram and I thought I was going to faint. I swore I’d never do it again. I practiced yoga here and there but never was a staple in my workout routines. After a few years of once a month yoga practices, I decided to give heated yoga a try. In heated yoga, the room is between 85-95 (Bikram is upwards of 100+ with different humidity.) I tried a 30 days for $30, and went a few times. The first time I said I’d never go again. But I did. And I kept going. And I’m so glad I did because A) it gets me through these New England winters! And B) it has helped me on so many other levels. I’ll have a blog post on how I got to the point of loving it from really disliking it.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite products I use on the regular! This is not sponsored, although I may receive a small commission if you shop through these links. I have tried many versions/brands and these are my personal faves! These are also linked on my shop page as well.

1) Mat Bag: I use this one I got from Lululemon and I absolutely love it! Having a mat bag has been so essential, especially one with pockets to store your deodorant and wipes + keys/phone when you’re running in.

2) Mat Strap: I can’t seem to find the Yoga Zeal Mat Strap I have, so I linked this Gaiam one. Perfect for rolling your mat up and securing before putting back into the bag. Then I carry the mat into class that way and use the mat strap as a regular strap to get deeper into poses! Dual purpose.  

3) Burt’s Bees Wipes: I am trying to avoid excess packaging and waste, but these are so convenient. I typically do heated yoga so it's a nice quick refresh after class.

4) Schmidt’s: My favorite non-toxic deodorant, always with me! My fave scents are Rose + Vanilla and Coconut + Pineapple. You can find at Target now!!

5) Yoga Zeal Mat: How amazing is this moon phases mat? I’ve used this mat for so long and it’s great, especially for hot yoga! I’ll use the towel (below) over it on occasion, but you can do class without! Sort of an all in one.

6) Yoga Zeal Mat Towel: For on top of my Yoga Zeal mat, it’s light and holds up to sweat great! No slipping. I’ve tried other yoga towels and this one is my favorite.

7) Hand Towel: By far my favorite hand towel. The material is a different than others I’ve tried, but it holds up to sweat and doesn’t get sticky.

8) S’well Bottle: No plastic bottles for me! S’well bottles are my favorite. I use the largest size -- it’s so important to stay hydrated before and during class! Other favorites include the Soma bottles as well as BKR. I prefer S’well for yoga though, I don’t want to worry about knocking over glass bottles... which has happened!


*As for cleaning my mat —> I actually make my own mat spray from essential oils that you can find here!

I think I’ll work on an apparel post next! Any other great yoga accessories you love? 

xo, M